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IGN: ToxicMC
by ToxicMC » 3 months ago

Hello! And welcome to our new Website.


Since we moved our website to a new machine, unfortunately you will have to re-register your account. With this change, we have decided to add a few additions to the Website.

- You are now able to have Friends
- You may now set custom profile banners
- Website messaging has been enabled
- The links on the bottom are now correct
- Voting is now easier and more user friendly
- The "Server Status" now works
- Test your clicks per second using our CPS button in the navigation menu!

We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you happen to encounter a bug, please post it in the Bug Reports section on the forums. Thank you for your cooperation.


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IGN: tango_kitten41
by tango_kitten41 » 3 months ago