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Season Two is coming!!!!! about 1 month ago

We are getting so much closer to the end of Season One!!! Which in turn means the beginning of Season Two! I know what I am hoping to see... But what are you people hoping to see??

Some things I wanna see is something to use xp for (fingers crossed) 
Maybe some more options with minions?

Lemme know down below what you wanna see or are really hoping for!

Words Bad Mkay? 3 months ago

I am not that great with words so I shall make a list! Feel free to smash on whatever you so choose!


Chunk hoppers that work better, even with limited amount of spawners there is overflow and no way to control or correct the issue on our side.


Option to buy more than one Custom enchant at a time.


Option to buy an inventory of items at one time.


Option to purchase more spawners than one.


Option at more than one block at a time to a stack (is levels)