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  1. SteveTheDog

    (9/19/2019) New Website, Advertisements, Graphics, Social Media, and Staff Updates!

    Hey everyone, The staff team I all hope you're all enjoying the server so far. Let us know if you are or aren't below! With that being said, we have a few big announcements. Upcoming Advertisements Pretty soon, we will begin advertising the server more. This will mean a larger stream of...
  2. SteveTheDog

    TownyTeams RELEASE DATE: Sunday, August 18th at 3:00 PM EDT

    TownyTeams Release Finally, after many months of waiting and preparation, the staff team and I are proud to unveil TownyTeams to the public. OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN: Notable features: Elevators Jobs (balanced!) Mythic Drops Player Shops Player Ran Economy...